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AQHA Performance Horses... what it's All about!

Year after Year     Proven Performance!
Pitzer Ranch Invitational Champion!
2009 World Champion2009: Barrels Top 10
        2005 to 2007

Performance Horses...
More than Roping!
More than Reining!
More than Cutting 
& More than Barrels!
   Ask 'em and our 
  horses will do it...  
     readily... and 
     with genious!

Quality Performance Horses happen through breeding, training, hard work and showing... emphasis on the hard work part!  

Shortsheet one and the rest come unglued.  

Square pegs fit square holes... the right horse to the right task, drawing out excellence in our horse's performance.

Horses Being Horses... Something Good About That!

712 249 0606  ZAC!

Jen: 712 249 1872...   wigesranch@hotmail.com

1879 Hwy 44

Hamlin, Iowa  50117

Bronco Billys Saddles... the best ropin saddles ever!
Ok Bro... too many inserts!
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