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This Story Starts A Long Time Ago!

Grandpa Walt!Grandpa Walt and Aunt Shirley!
Horses... Always! Shirley!
Walt Wiges!
Left to Right: Teresa, Kirk, Zac & AngieLeft to Right
Kirk - 8
Teresa - 2
Me in the Middle - 6
(I bit that ear and had the horse on the ground...
2 minutes after this photo!)
Angie - 4
When ya tell the kids these days...
They don't believe ya!

The Ranch

Blue Skys everyday!

This has been a dream... come true! I grew up watching the westerns after Sunday school. Something about cowboys and horses and saving pretty women in trouble. Hell, I haven't changed a bit! When Bob called up the stairs "we're ridin in the morning"... hoots and hollers and then we'd get to work loading up our six shooters and baby powdering the holsters (faster draw!) and be in bed by 6:30. I'm still doin it! I figure if you wake up smiling and wantin to get out to the barn... must be a pretty good balance to life. Leaving Jen in that warm bed, sometimes causes me to stumble. Ya pay for having a good looking wife!

RylandNo Spitting Zac!
Start 'em early! Grand Children...
 little Scoundrels! "Do you like kids, Grandpa?  Oooh yeah! But I can only eat one!"
Paige... too, too! Heart breaks in season!Kids N Water N Horses! No Spitting
Grandpa... I mean Zac!

Would love to have this swing in my backyard!
Oh, yeah!... It is in my backyardGood lookin wife, hey! Lifts my spirits. Doc & Jamie: Denison.
Black Hills... another great adventure.      2008... Never a dull 
Kids N Dogs N Horses N Water!
Jessie... gettin too big to wrestle! Or I'm shrinkin!
Good when the Grandkids get into the act!
   2012... Good Friends!...
           Good Year!
The Chat Room... old style.